Twilight book

Twilight book cake. Cake is white chocolate mud. Image was printed out on A3 sheet so as to get a full A4 sized image, as edible image printing leaves a fair amount of white space around the largest size image it can print, and the edible sheet does not reach the edges of the backing sheet either. Happy birthday message is piped, font is same font used on Twilight book and I used the following site to help me write it:

I had a lot of trouble with the image on this one. I found it very difficult to find a place that did A3 printing that I was happy with. The one I used that I was happy with was:

The humidity was a major problem on this cake, and the image “melted” a bit and then stuck to the lid (which I discovered the morning of delivery – eeek! lots of running around to get a replacement!). I learned a couple of things here: don’t put an image onto black fondant, the colour will seep through into the image and darken it; don’t underestimate the damage humidity can do; don’t put a lid on a cake box unless you are sure it doesn’t touch the cake; and if you are ordering an A3 image and can’t get hold of a replacement easily, order 2 images so you have a backup and build this into the price of the cake.

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