Dora the Explorer Cake 3D

Dora Dora Dora the Explorer! 3D Dora cake sitting up. New element on this cake for me was a non-edible item – her head! Because of Dora’s proportions – her head is much bigger than the rest of her body – trying to make her head edible did not work out for me! I tried using LCMs as per previous cakes but the volume was just too large and it fell apart. The solution was a carved styrofoam head covered in fondant, with the assistance of ganache to help stick and smooth the surface. There are also some LCMs to build up the hair at the sides because the styrofoam ball I used was not quite big enough for the whole head. All the rest is edible – legs, torso, and backpack. Construction in this cake (courtesy of my wonderful husband Will) includes a 16mm dowel straight up through the middle of Dora, and a regular cake dowel drilled into the side of the vertical dowel perpendicular just below backpack. So the torso/backpack is sitting on another cake board supported by the perpendicular dowel. Cake itself is chocolate mud and went down a treat at the party.

Camel cake

Camel cake for Lucy’s 2nd birthday. Cake is white chocolate mud with white chocolate ganache. Design is based on Lucy’s all time favourite toy, Camy. Fur is done using various fittings for the sugarcraft gun. Eyes are done using black fondant painted with gold lustre dust and finished with leaf and flower glaze. Wouldn’t use a large quantity of the glaze (eg on large patch of cake) as the taste is not great, but is fabulous for highlighting small details. Fondant colouring includes some cocoa which not only adds colour but a nice chocolately flavour too and reduces the amount of food colouring required!

Photos of the original toy:



My first real corporate commission! This one was for L’Occitane for their launch of their new Christmas 2011 range. Cakes are both dark chocolate mud. Artwork on “packages” is all hand-painted and writing all hand piped – I’m getting better at it! Practise definitely helps. One of the hardest and most time-consuming cakes I’ve made due to the intricacy of the artwork.

Handbag cake

40th birthday cake. Dark chocolate mud. Board covered in black vanilla satin ice. Monograms done using trace letters, indent into fondant, then cut out and paint by hand technique. Strap is only inedible item on the cake, 2 strands of double diamantes. Quilting done manually using rolling quilting tool, may try using a quilting mat next time for more even quilting, however I am told this presents other issues on handbag cakes: namely the difficulty of matching up at the edges (which you can do rather nicely with the rolling tool). Sweet little cake which was much simpler than some of the challenges I have worked on lately.

Tall Vines


18th birthday cake. Choc mud cake. This one is actually a 10-inch, two-tier cake, with a separate cake board and support dowels between the two tiers, decorated as one large cake – only one layer of fondant over the whole thing. Covering such a large cake was very challenging, and I am now on the lookout for a much larger fondant mat than the one I currently have because it wasn’t large enough!! If any of my readers have tips on larger mats available, or other alternatives, please let me know. The vine/flower/leaf pattern was a very forgiving one for a difficult fondant challenge because it supplied me with a very easy way to hide any flaws in the fondant, in a random and organic way which worked with the theme.

I also experimented with fancier script for the writing on this one, my regular handwriting just didn’t feel right as a match for the style of the cake. I did freestyle script on paper before hand, then  traced over the letters to create an imprint on the fondant on the board, which left me with simple lines to follow with my piping. I was quite happy with the results, and will definitely use this technique again.

Bling bling!

40th birthday cake. Choc mud cake with choc ganache. The damask pattern on the bottom tier is an edible image – thought I was taking the easy way out but actually they are very delicate and difficult to handle so not as easy as you may think. Next time I do something like this I am going to try a stencil instead!


Bling on the top tier includes a double diamante strand, silver balls are edible cachous, and this is the first time I have used “cake jewellry” on top with the sparkly balls on wires, which I got from Sweet Themes - lovely products and delivered very quickly.

Anniversary cake


Cake made for anniversary present. Carrot cake with white chocolate ganache, covered in vanilla SatinIce. Gerbera is handmade and each petal is individually wired. Spots are handpainted in white lustre dust.


Oncology Children’s Foundation

Cake made for charity event at work supporting the Oncology Children’s Foundation. Both cakes (bear and bag) are dark chocolate mud cake. The head of the bear is made from LCM’s, ganached and covered. There is a supporting pole up through the middle of the bear and there are several small dowels for extra support in the bear. Arms are stuck on using wooden skewers (too heavy for just toothpicks this time!). Whole cake must weigh about 15kgs, I can barely lift it!! OCF logo detail done using edible markers, pretty happy with how it turned out. Fur is done using the sugarcraft gun with the smallest hole attachment. Experimented originally with some pashmak for a fluffy look but it is not stable enough, didn’t work well. Fondant replacement definitely the way to go.

Anyone interested in further information on the Oncology Children’s Foundation please click here. There are a series of these cute bears you can buy to support the foundation.

My muse on this particular occasion was Dr O C Fredrick bear, here is my adopted bear:


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BMW Z4 cake


BMW Z4 – 40th Birthday cake. Cake is carrot cake, filled and shaped using white chocolate ganache. New element on this cake was the shine using vegetable oil – much smoother and more even effect than the piping gel used on previous cakes. Important to note that the oil soaks in and needs re-doing before presentation to maintain the shine, but overall a much nicer effect.

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