Rainbow butterfly

Rainbow butterfly cake. My first attempt at a rainbow cake inside – white chocolate mud cake filled with white chocolate ganache. All 7 colours of the rainbow inside turned out really well. The outside was a gold butterfly on the sides and body with rainbow on the wings and gold highlights – all airbrushed, I am loving the airbrush! Gives a finish you just can’t get any other way.

Pink Flower

Pink flower for Maude’s 5th birthday. Cake is orange-almond gluten free, filled with white chocolate ganache – very popular flavour at the moment! Centre of cake is white pearl cachous held in place with royal icing. Board is covered in black vinyl – still working on this technique of board covering.

Elegant Wedding

3 tier cake for my brother and sister in law’s wedding. Tiers are 14″, 11″ and 8″. Bottom tier is dark chocolate mud, middle tier is caramel mud, and top tier is rich fruit cake (which was kept for first anniversary). Cake was made in NZ and required transport of 30kg of equipment, couverture chocolate, marzipan, and the fruit cake tier from Australia.

Top tier was decorated for reception with fresh flowers, and a model John Deere tractor (wedding was on a farm :-) ), as can be seen below.

Charli the Cavoodle

Charli the Cavoodle cake. Cake is dark chocolate mud with dark chocolate ganache. Head is polystyrene, supported by 15mm dowel. Tail is wired into shape. Board is covered with black vinyl – first time I have tried out this new trend in board covering, much much easier when doing a novelty cake as it removes the need for a shaped board underneath the cake. Fur is done using smallest setting with sugarcraft gun. Happy birthday Indy!

Chef’s Hat


Chef’s Hat cake for Maddi’s 5th birthday. Hat is a 2-tier chocolate mud cake. Bottom cake is a round cake, top cake is a carved cake to make the hat “puffs”. There is a support dowel up through the middle of the cake since it is tall and the top cake is bigger than the bottom cake.

Jasmine and Aladdin castle

Persian castle, design from Debbie Brown book, only 3 times as big as the one in the book. Because of the size, turrets and onion domes are carved from styrofoam. Figurines are not from the book as they are Jasmine and Aladdin. Cake is dark chocolate mud.

Pool party


Pool party cake based on an old AWW design, for Cameron’s 8th birthday. Cake is white chocolate mud cake enhanced with vanilla flavour, filled with white chocolate ganache. All items edible (save for 1 toothpick assisting the girl figurine to stay upright).


Buzz Lightyear

Johnny’s 3rd birthday cake for his Toy Story theme party. My first 3D standing up figurine, which proved to be significantly harder than a sitting up 3D figurine! Cake was too large to fit in my light tent, hence the amateurish background to the photo.

Legs are made from 25mm dowel screwed into the base board and into the board holding the body, which was the actual cake. There is another 16mm dowel going up through the middle of the cake part, screwed into the board holding the body. Feet are modelled from LCMs, legs from white modelling chocolate. Arms, head, and bottom are polystyrene covered in fondant (attached with piping gel).

Moon cake used a soccer ball tin, indentations made with measuring spoons and whole thing airbrushed in silver to give a “silvery moon” look and to highlight the indentations.

Buzz cake is chocolate mud and moon cake is caramel mud. Tried using caramel ganache instead of white chocolate ganache on this one, was very yummy but harder to work with. My definite preference is for white chocolate ganache.

Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki Hayabusa Motorbike cake for Peter’s 50th birthday. Cake is white chocolate mud filled with white chocolate ganache (PC recipe). Cake shaped then covered. Entire cake covered in black SatinIce, then airbrushed with Spectrum Silver Sheen to give charcoal grey/metallic flecks look. Board is covered in blue SatinIce. Hayabusa symbol handpainted with gold lustre dust mixed with rose spirit. Used http://www.the-blueprints.com to get outline shape of bike – very useful site, has nearly 50,000 blueprints of so many different types of items. Wing mirror modelled and inserted with toothpick. Bike stand, footrests, and kickers all modelled with flower wire and covered in fondant (with some tylose added). Modelled the exhaust in cake, in future I would leave this out of the cake modelling and add later with fondant or gumpaste as I think it made the exhaust look too chunky.

Hello Kitty cake

“Hello Kitty Angel” cake made in class held at Handi’s Cakes this weekend. Course was run by Handi himself, and the Queen of Novelty cakes, Margi Carter. Fabulous course, learned heaps, and had loads of fun as well. Can highly recommend them for any courses you may want to do.

New things for me on this cake were learning some smoothing techniques on using polystyrene (as the Kitty figure is made of Polystyrene), and AIRBRUSHING!! Yay, I finally had a go at airbrushing, it really is not as hard as I thought it would be. Now have the confidence to give my own airbrush a go, it really was a lot of fun.

Cake itself was an 8″ square chocolate mud, cut and shaped into this cloud shape and filled with dark chocolate ganache.

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