Champagne bottle

Happy birthday to me! Cake was white chocolate mud cake – 6 x 8″ cakes filled with white chocolate ganache, the rest was carved styrofoam. Cake is supported by a 16mm dowel right up through the centre of the cake, which was screwed into the board for stability. The labels were edible images designed in powerpoint and printed out, and I backed these with 2mm thick white fondant before adhering to the black fondant the entire cake was covered in, to avoid the problem I have had in the past where an edible image placed on black fondant ends up splotchy from the black colour seeping through into image. The “medals” all represented significant milestones in my life, ranging from dux/valedictorian of my high school, through my two degrees, through the births of my children. The “vintage” of the bottle was 1972 since it is my 40th, and the back label declares “drinking well and aging well”, “contains 0.08 alcohol” and a few other similar messages.

The black fondant was wrapped around the bottle horizontally in one piece. The gold “foil” of the bottle was done with 4 separate sections of ivory fondant which was then painted gold. I hand painted rather than airbrushing as I didn’t think the gold airbrush colour I had was lustrous enough, and I didn’t want to put the lustre dust/alcohol mix into my airbrush as the dust can damage the needle in the airbrush. I added “seams” like you see on a real bottle over the join by using the thin flat attachment on my sugarcraft gun.

For the first time ever I took various photos of the “in progress” bottle so you can see how I carved and constructed the cake, which are shown below.

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