Boy’s Cakes

Buzz Lightyear figurine cake


Buzz Lightyear figurine cake for William’s 4th birthday. All items on the board (except the candles and one cake dowel to hold up Buzz) are edible, including the stars.  The “alien” has some small pieces of dried spaghetti inside him to provide support so that he will be fully edible.

My philosophy on this cake was to make everything edible, since it was for a 4th birthday party, and kids love eating the figurines and “extra” items on the board. This did, however, prove rather difficult, and I was not entirely happy with the shape of Buzz’s body. I have decided that in future I will ask the clients if they would prefer fully edible (and perhaps not perfectly shaped) figurines, or if they would prefer perfectly shaped but inedible items that include styrofoam and wiring to get the shape right. In my (parental) experience if you go for the latter on a small child’s cake you need to carefully supervise the cake from small grabbing hands that like to put everything in their mouths. I also sometimes question the value of modelling perfect but inedible versions of toys – would it be better to just put a plastic version of the toy that the child can then keep on the cake? As a cake artist I hate the idea of this as there is no art in it (and I have never used plastic toys on my cakes) but is it valuable to have an inedible icing figurine that the child can’t eat, and if they decide to keep it, may melt in humidity or high temperatures?

The “moon” is a chocolate mud cake, made with a soccer ball tin cake on top of a carved 10″ round. The moon indentations are made with measuring spoons pressed into the fondant, and the whole thing is airbrushed with silver edible paint to create a silvery moon effect and highlight the indentations more.

Charli the Cavoodle

Charli the Cavoodle cake. Cake is dark chocolate mud with dark chocolate ganache. Head is polystyrene, supported by 15mm dowel. Tail is wired into shape. Board is covered with black vinyl – first time I have tried out this new trend in board covering, much much easier when doing a novelty cake as it removes the need for a shaped board underneath the cake. Fur is done using smallest setting with sugarcraft gun. Happy birthday Indy!

Pool party


Pool party cake based on an old AWW design, for Cameron’s 8th birthday. Cake is white chocolate mud cake enhanced with vanilla flavour, filled with white chocolate ganache. All items edible (save for 1 toothpick assisting the girl figurine to stay upright).


Buzz Lightyear

Johnny’s 3rd birthday cake for his Toy Story theme party. My first 3D standing up figurine, which proved to be significantly harder than a sitting up 3D figurine! Cake was too large to fit in my light tent, hence the amateurish background to the photo.

Legs are made from 25mm dowel screwed into the base board and into the board holding the body, which was the actual cake. There is another 16mm dowel going up through the middle of the cake part, screwed into the board holding the body. Feet are modelled from LCMs, legs from white modelling chocolate. Arms, head, and bottom are polystyrene covered in fondant (attached with piping gel).

Moon cake used a soccer ball tin, indentations made with measuring spoons and whole thing airbrushed in silver to give a “silvery moon” look and to highlight the indentations.

Buzz cake is chocolate mud and moon cake is caramel mud. Tried using caramel ganache instead of white chocolate ganache on this one, was very yummy but harder to work with. My definite preference is for white chocolate ganache.

Monkey business


Monkey cake for Chloe’s 7th birthday. Cake is white chocolate mud filled with white chocolate ganache. Only new thing for me on this cake was that I used “solite” (a fat substitute like Crisco or softened copha) in the black fondant to help soften it for making the fur, worked beautifully.  The other big discovery on this cake was the effect of humidity, even when only 20 degrees in the house – the fondant became quite sticky and shiny. Thankfully putting the AC on quite cold (18 degrees) – fixed this issue almost instantly. Within 5 minutes the shininess was gone and within 20 minutes the fondant had “set” again. Phew!




Crocodile cake

Crocodile cake for Tara’s 3rd birthday. Whole thing is edible, carved out of dark chocolate mud cake. The arms and legs are actually made out of cake pop mix as it is very easy to shape and mold. The rest is cake. The mouth is held open using a cake board inserted on an angle and held up using dowels which are then hidden using fondant and ganache. This cake was a very efficient use of cake, there was very little wastage and offcuts because of using the cake pop mix, and those sections of the cake went down very well with party-goers too. I think this was better than purely fondant arms and legs (which I was considering) because that becomes too much fondant and people don’t like to eat huge chunks of fondant (even kids!). I will definitely use this technique again. Crocodile “skin” was done using a fondant mat designed for created a “stone” look which I used on Gracie’s castle cake. Colour was a basis of Wilton juniper green with a mix of yellow and kelly green, then the whole cake was brushed with a green petal dust to create the “mottled” look. Eyes and teeth were deliberately “cartoonish” so as to avoid the kids being scared of the cake :-) .

Angry Birds cake

The birds are… ANGRY! :-) Angry birds cake. I had a lot of fun making this cake, its a great theme. The large birds are chocolate mud, small blue birds are cake pops, and the pig is orange-almond gluten free (as one of the guests was coeliac). Great way to mix up different flavours. Beaks of birds and nose of pig are made from fondant and stuck on with toothpicks, in future I would use LCMs (rice cereal treats) covered in fondant rather than pure fondant because these were surprisingly heavy and a lot of fondant. The black crests on the white and yellow birds, as well as the feather on top of the black bird, are done using fondant stiffened with tylose powder (which effectively turns the fondant into flower molding paste/gumpaste). I was intending to write “Happy birthday Griffin” on the board but in the end I thought it would look too cluttered with the writing as well as all the birds so left it off. The black bird and the white bird are standing up with the help of vertical doweling screwed into the cake board.

Johnny’s 2nd Birthday – Edward the Tank Engine

Johnny’s 2nd birthday cake – Edward the Tank Engine. We chose Edward (rather than Thomas) because he is the no. “2″ engine. The Engine is white choc mud and the Tender is dark choc mud. The black sections are chocolate fondant painted black (because it tastes better), with the exception of the “coal” which is chocolate rocks covered in black gumpaste.

Minna Mouse

Minna Mouse

My first real (not practise) carved cake! Choc mud with choc ganache. Ears standing upright thanks to toothpicks. This was for a christening hence baby themed items added to cake, idea from Cake Boss, who always say that it’s the little details that really bring a cake alive. Whiskers are flower wire (gauge 26).

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