Birthday Cakes

1969 Mustang Boss cake

Dark chocolate mud with dark chocolate ganache. Board is covered in black vinyl. Mustang car is fully edible and made of LCMs (rice cereal treats) and white modelling chocolate covered in fondant. Shiny look comes from painting whole car with crystalline. The mustang logo was done by getting an outline from google, cutting out thick grey fondant of the outline, then using the balling tool to indent to the shape of the mustang horse on the mustang logo. Once the definition was in place I painted with silver lustre dust. I started with silver airbrush sheen but thought the lustre dust gave a better finish.

Cheerleader cake

Hannah’s 7th birthday cheerleader cake. Figurine is entirely edible excepting pom poms and supporting toothpicks in arms and supporting skewer up through the middle of figurine. Outfit on figurine based on Buffalo Bill’s cheerleader outfit:


Cake is dark chocolate mud cake, filled and finished with dark chocolate ganache. Cake was first covered in white fondant, then red and white stripes added and “exploded”. Stars on board are made of grey fondant and hand painted in a mix of silver airbrush paint and silver hologram dust for added sparkle.

Shoebox cake

70th birthday cake for Carole – lovely lady who looked 55 at the most! Cake is orange-almond gluten free. All items are edible except the “bling” – the “70″ and the sparkles over the strap. There is also a wooden skewer in the heel of the shoe supporting it and holding it onto the cake. The shoe took approximately 1 week to dry. It is based on my own massive size-12 shoes, so is quite large, the cake measured 20cmx30cmx10cm (roughly A4 size). I carved a mold to dry the shoe over from styrofoam to give the nice curve in the sole – as I’ve seen a lot of these shoes that have quite sharp angles from the things they are laid over that you wouldn’t see in a real shoe. The other option suggested by many websites is that you use a real shoe – something cheap that you can rip apart – but I didn’t really want to be drying something people would eat over a real shoe (even if it was brand new and never worn :-) ).

The shoe is made out of fondant stengthened with tylose, and painted with Crystalline. My first time using Crystalline, it has a similar consistency to piping gel but is slightly thinner and paints on better (doesn’t leave such defined “brush” marks as piping gel does). For overall flawless gloss effect I still prefer Canola oil but this is a temporary effect that needs to be re-painted just prior to serving so not practical unless the decorator is going to be attending the event or delivering very shortly before cutting.

The C “Label” on the shoe was meant to represent “brand Carole” and was a last minute addition after the shoe snapped in the middle. This label covered up the break nicely and held the shoe together. I learned a couple of lessons with this one: make the sole thicker so it is stronger, and also make a spare shoe. I think it never hurts to have a spare one on hand for those last minute orders we all get but often can’t take because there is not enough prep time or you are busy with other orders – if you have a spare on hand it takes a large amount of the work out.

The board is covered in white vinyl and there is a black ribbon around the edge.

Buzz Lightyear figurine cake


Buzz Lightyear figurine cake for William’s 4th birthday. All items on the board (except the candles and one cake dowel to hold up Buzz) are edible, including the stars.  The “alien” has some small pieces of dried spaghetti inside him to provide support so that he will be fully edible.

My philosophy on this cake was to make everything edible, since it was for a 4th birthday party, and kids love eating the figurines and “extra” items on the board. This did, however, prove rather difficult, and I was not entirely happy with the shape of Buzz’s body. I have decided that in future I will ask the clients if they would prefer fully edible (and perhaps not perfectly shaped) figurines, or if they would prefer perfectly shaped but inedible items that include styrofoam and wiring to get the shape right. In my (parental) experience if you go for the latter on a small child’s cake you need to carefully supervise the cake from small grabbing hands that like to put everything in their mouths. I also sometimes question the value of modelling perfect but inedible versions of toys – would it be better to just put a plastic version of the toy that the child can then keep on the cake? As a cake artist I hate the idea of this as there is no art in it (and I have never used plastic toys on my cakes) but is it valuable to have an inedible icing figurine that the child can’t eat, and if they decide to keep it, may melt in humidity or high temperatures?

The “moon” is a chocolate mud cake, made with a soccer ball tin cake on top of a carved 10″ round. The moon indentations are made with measuring spoons pressed into the fondant, and the whole thing is airbrushed with silver edible paint to create a silvery moon effect and highlight the indentations more.

Happy birthday, Mr President.. Marilyn Monroe cake

Marilyn Monroe cake for Michael’s 70th birthday. Cake is dark chocolate mud with dark chocolate ganache. Marilyn is a printed image, in a “frame” – grey fondant with imprint from curly imprint mat, hand-painted in silver.

Orange, ivory, and gold

Two tier cake for Veronika’s 40th. Design started with a request for orange coloured icing, on either a dark chocolate mud cake or and orange almond cake, so I did both. Bottom tier was dark chocolate mud and top tier was orange-almond gluten free. Top tier is patterned with a swirl fondant mat I was given recently (thanks Cel!) and was keen to try out.  It was also airbrushed with pearl sheen for a bit of a “lift”. ”V”s around bottom tier with a combination of continuing the swirly pattern from the top tier and a play on “V”. These are piped and hand painted with gold lustre dust and rose alcohol. Board is deliberately left uncovered because I liked the gold colour with the rest of the cake. Top tier has diamante “bling” around the bottom just because. Birthday message was piped and handpainted with pearl sheen to match the top tier.

Twilight book

Twilight book cake. Cake is white chocolate mud. Image was printed out on A3 sheet so as to get a full A4 sized image, as edible image printing leaves a fair amount of white space around the largest size image it can print, and the edible sheet does not reach the edges of the backing sheet either. Happy birthday message is piped, font is same font used on Twilight book and I used the following site to help me write it:

I had a lot of trouble with the image on this one. I found it very difficult to find a place that did A3 printing that I was happy with. The one I used that I was happy with was:

The humidity was a major problem on this cake, and the image “melted” a bit and then stuck to the lid (which I discovered the morning of delivery – eeek! lots of running around to get a replacement!). I learned a couple of things here: don’t put an image onto black fondant, the colour will seep through into the image and darken it; don’t underestimate the damage humidity can do; don’t put a lid on a cake box unless you are sure it doesn’t touch the cake; and if you are ordering an A3 image and can’t get hold of a replacement easily, order 2 images so you have a backup and build this into the price of the cake.

Pink Flower

Pink flower for Maude’s 5th birthday. Cake is orange-almond gluten free, filled with white chocolate ganache – very popular flavour at the moment! Centre of cake is white pearl cachous held in place with royal icing. Board is covered in black vinyl – still working on this technique of board covering.

Charli the Cavoodle

Charli the Cavoodle cake. Cake is dark chocolate mud with dark chocolate ganache. Head is polystyrene, supported by 15mm dowel. Tail is wired into shape. Board is covered with black vinyl – first time I have tried out this new trend in board covering, much much easier when doing a novelty cake as it removes the need for a shaped board underneath the cake. Fur is done using smallest setting with sugarcraft gun. Happy birthday Indy!

Pool party


Pool party cake based on an old AWW design, for Cameron’s 8th birthday. Cake is white chocolate mud cake enhanced with vanilla flavour, filled with white chocolate ganache. All items edible (save for 1 toothpick assisting the girl figurine to stay upright).


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