Buzz Lightyear figurine cake


Buzz Lightyear figurine cake for William’s 4th birthday. All items on the board (except the candles and one cake dowel to hold up Buzz) are edible, including the stars.  The “alien” has some small pieces of dried spaghetti inside him to provide support so that he will be fully edible.

My philosophy on this cake was to make everything edible, since it was for a 4th birthday party, and kids love eating the figurines and “extra” items on the board. This did, however, prove rather difficult, and I was not entirely happy with the shape of Buzz’s body. I have decided that in future I will ask the clients if they would prefer fully edible (and perhaps not perfectly shaped) figurines, or if they would prefer perfectly shaped but inedible items that include styrofoam and wiring to get the shape right. In my (parental) experience if you go for the latter on a small child’s cake you need to carefully supervise the cake from small grabbing hands that like to put everything in their mouths. I also sometimes question the value of modelling perfect but inedible versions of toys – would it be better to just put a plastic version of the toy that the child can then keep on the cake? As a cake artist I hate the idea of this as there is no art in it (and I have never used plastic toys on my cakes) but is it valuable to have an inedible icing figurine that the child can’t eat, and if they decide to keep it, may melt in humidity or high temperatures?

The “moon” is a chocolate mud cake, made with a soccer ball tin cake on top of a carved 10″ round. The moon indentations are made with measuring spoons pressed into the fondant, and the whole thing is airbrushed with silver edible paint to create a silvery moon effect and highlight the indentations more.

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